nella media group

editorial, branding, identity

My current employment is with Nella Media Group, a multi-disciplinary media firm for luxury and leisure travel, hospitality, and other premium residential partners centered in Hawai‘i and abroad. With a narrative first point-of-view approach, NMG manages a variety of well known channels across Hawai‘i, from Hawaiian Airlines’ Hana Hou! to FLUX Hawaii with a reach of over 80 million people across video, digital, and print experiences across the globe.

Some of the magazines I’ve primarily worked on include FLUX, Lei, Waves, and Hana Hou!. I work in tandem with fellow designers and editors at NMG, producing high quality magazines that focus on luxury and leisure travel.

Aside from editorial, I also work on projects such as Hawaiian Airlines’ in-flight entertainment, from creating video thumbnails to designing their landing programs.

Per typical business practices, only projects already made public will be shown here.

Logo transition made in AE.