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Graduating students from the graphic design BFA program at Mānoa work primarily on three main projects for their final semester in the design program; an identity for a non-profit organization, a gallery exhibition showcasing their work, and their personal business and/or brand identity. “Integrate” is the collective name that the thirteen graduating students of the 2022 BFA class. It is meant to represent the culmination of knowledge, skills, and projects that we’ve gathered over our time in university.

Excellence in design is birthed from integration of type and image, of visual and conceptual, and of ideas and their iterations. Creativity never takes on a steady form, and we must be ready for our design solutions to represent and respond to a world that is constantly changing.

Our projects created over the years shown were promoted on the class website, inviting guests to join us in celebrating our journey as we exit the design program at UHM.

During our last semester, we also worked on a branding project for two non-profit organizations. My group of designers was in charge of a project concerning the East Maui Streams, commissioned by the Sierra Club. My role was to assist in organizing and planning the website and overall invitation for this event. I designed our class website and the overall identity for this event, and worked in tandem with BoxJelly to organize the event.

Special thanks to all of my colleagues throughout the years, I could not have persisted throughout this arduous and challenging program without you. Special thanks to the professors and BoxJelly for hosting our exhibition.

bfa exhibition

Photos taken by myself and Eleazar Herradura.

gallery exhibition